Tea tree for dogs: properties, indications and precautions for use

What is tea tree essential oil for dogs? How to use it and what precautions to take?

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The tea tree, a natural anti-infective

The tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), or tea tree, is an endemic shrub of Australia cousin of the eucalyptus. Cultivated in particular in China, South Africa and Kenya, its elongated leaves are used for the extraction of their essential oil. The latter contains mainly terpene compounds which gives it very interesting antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Thus, tea tree essential oil is intended to be the most well-known anti-infective in aromatherapy. Its pharmacological properties can also be useful to our friends the canines as a natural antiparasitic or as an immunostimulant essential oil.

What are the indications of tea tree essential oil for dogs?

Tea tree essential oil can be used to help fight against various dog infections and especially in case of:

  • respiratory tract infection such as bronchitis or tracheitis,
  • otitis,
  • digestive infections such as stomatitis, gastritis or even enterocolitis,
  • genital infections (metritis, vaginitis),
  • or dermatological infections, particularly in cases of pyoderma, Malassezia dermatitis, demodicosis or sarcoptic mange.


An infection can be very serious in dogs and can be life-threatening if not treated properly. If you suspect such a disease in your dog, do not attempt self-medication and do not delay a consultation with the veterinarian treating your dog.

For its immunostimulating properties, tea tree essential oil can also be used in asthenic and/or convalescing dogs, especially following surgery. It will strengthen the body's immunity and strengthen the body's natural mechanisms during a period of fragility or fatigue.

Repellent against parasites, it will also naturally protect against fleas, ticks and other parasites which can, if they bite or sting the dog, carry serious vector-borne diseases.

How to use tea tree in dogs?


Tea tree essential oil can be used externally in massage or locally by applying it with a cotton swab or a small compress. Beforehand, it is necessary to dilute a few drops of tea tree in vegetable oil.Avoid applying this mixture every day so that the active ingredients of the tea tree do not accumulate in the dog's body, which could be harmful for the animal.

To treat larger areas of your pet's coat or to use tea tree as a pest control, it is also possible to spray the essential oil previously diluted in a dispersing base consisting of water and a little shampoo.

In any case, make sure your dog cannot lick the treated area. Remember to dry your pet's hair well when using the tea tree spray.


Tea tree essential oil can, in certain very specific cases, be administered orally to the animal. However, this method of administration must be strictly supervised by a specialized veterinarian.

In atmospheric diffusion

It is finally possible to use the tea tree in atmospheric diffusion to clean up the atmosphere of a dwelling or a kennel when animals suffering from a contagious disease have stayed there or to help in the treatment of an animal's respiratory infection.


Although natural, tea tree essential oil is not without any danger for the dog. Its use in animals requires some precautions. Do not use it in puppies, pregnant females or cats and in any case always ask your veterinarian for advice before administering it to your dog.

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