Pharaoh's Hound - Origin, Characteristics and Character

Pharaoh's dog: find out what this animal is like, its physical characteristics, character, behavior, etc. The Pharaoh's Hound is a medium-sized, long-haired dog breed...

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The Pharaoh's Hound is a medium-sized, short-haired dog breed distinguished by its elegant and athletic appearance. It is a hunting dog originating from the island of M alta. In fact, it is now considered the national breed of M altese. Although not one of the most widespread breeds, this greyhound is an excellent companion dog.

If you want to learn more about the Pharaoh's Hound, keep reading this AnimalPlanet breed profile and learn about its origins and most important characteristics.


  • Europe
  • M alta

FCI Nomenclature

  • Group V

Physical Characteristics

  • End
  • Muscular
  • Lying
  • Short ears


  • Average


  • 45-55

Adult Weight

  • 10-25

Life expectancy

  • 12-14

Recommended physical activity

  • High


  • Very loyal
  • Smart
  • Active

Ideal for

  • House
  • The hunt

Recommended climate

  • Temperate

Hair type

  • Short

Origin of the Pharaoh's dog

The Pharaoh's Hound originates from the island of M alta in the Mediterranean, where it was originally used for rabbit hunting. However, it is believed that it was Phoenician sailors who brought these dogs with them to Egypt, where they were given their name.

" The Pharaoh&39;s dog was revered by the pharaohs of the Egyptian dynasties, who long treated it as a divine being. Indeed, many artistic manifestations of ancient Egypt (paintings, hieroglyphs, literature, etc.) refer to this race. The data obtained from this cultural heritage have made it possible to know that the pharaoh&39;s dog was one of the first breeds to be domesticated and this, from the origins of the great civilizations.This is why the FCI (International Cynological Federation) classifies it in the category of primitive dogs."

It was in the 20th century that this breed arrived in England where it began to gain popularity. Finally, it was brought to the United States, where the American Pharaoh Dog Club was founded in 1970.

Characteristics of the Pharaoh's dog

" The Pharaoh&39;s Hound is a medium-sized, short-haired breed with an elegant bearing and well-defined lines. It is a hunting dog, which not only uses its sense of smell and sight to hunt, but also its fine hearing. The FCI includes this breed in group 5, which includes Spitz and primitive type dogs and, in particular, it is included in section 6 primitive type. Some of the characteristics of the Pharaoh&39;s dog are:"

  • Similar size in both sexes: males are usually around 56cm tall and weigh 21-26kg. The females, on the other hand, generally reach an average height of 53 cm, for a weight of 20-25 kg.
  • Leggy and slender.
  • Triangular head: almost nonstop, with amber eyes and a flesh-colored nose (similar to coat color).
  • Ears set high: always erect when the dog is alert, wide at the base, thin and long at the end.
  • Long, slender and slightly arched neck: it ends in a low chest with well arched ribs.
  • Strong and long legs.
  • Tail set on a medium distance: rather thick at the base, it tapers towards the tip. At rest the tail is held below the hock but when the dog is active it is carried high and curled.

Pharaoh Dog Colors

" The coat of the Pharaoh&39;s dog is reddish-brown, more or less dark depending on the individual. White markings may appear on the chest (called star), on the midline of the face, on the tip of the tail and on the toes."

Character of Pharaoh's Dog

The Pharaoh's dog is a friendly, affectionate and playful dog. He is a very loyal family dog, although at the same time quite independent. Like the rest of the dogs, it is distinguished by its alert, lively and enthusiastic character. They are very intelligent dogs that learn very quickly and easily. As a negative point, we could say that they are quite barking dogs. It is therefore important to educate them correctly from an early age to avoid this type of unwanted behavior later.

Pharaoh Dog's Dog Care

In this section we compile the main aspects to consider when caring for a Pharaoh's Hound.

  • Exercise: If you are considering adopting a Pharaoh Hound, you should know that this is an active and energetic breed that requires a regular exercise program to maintain good physical and mental he alth .Typically, they need 1-2 hours of physical exercise per day. Although they are dogs that can adapt to apartment living, it is best if they have a large space where they can roam freely.
  • Food: Pharaoh's dogs must have a balanced diet, adapted to their age and level of activity. Whether it is a commercial feed or a homemade ration, it is important that the feed is of high nutritional quality. As with most dogs, it is advisable to divide the daily ration into two meals. Also, clean, fresh water should always be available.
  • Grooming: As this is a short-haired breed, light daily brushing or more intensive weekly brushing, supplemented by routine baths, will suffice. Also, special attention should be paid to ear hygiene. Teeth should be cleaned regularly using dog-specific toothbrushes.

Education of the Pharaoh's dog

The Pharaoh's dog is a smart dog. Their alert and enthusiastic nature means they learn quickly and like to obey the commands and commands of their guardians.

However, despite being a well behaved and obedient dog, it is not uncommon for him to be reluctant to answer his guardian's call when let loose. In addition, we must not forget that, even if they are not always used as hunting dogs, their hunting instinct is always present. In fact, their prey instinct is high, and when they detect potential prey, they seize the opportunity to hunt. For these reasons, it is highly recommended to always use the leash in unfenced areas. In addition, it is important that, from an early age, he familiarizes himself with other domestic animals, especially the small ones, otherwise he risks considering them as prey.

Pharaoh's Hound Dog He alth

According to the American Pharaoh Dog Club, some of the pathologies that can most frequently affect this breed are:

  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Dislocation of the patella
  • Eye Disorders

Also, this breed seems to be more predisposed to breast tumors, hemangiosarcomas and mastocytomas. However, the incidence may be more related to the age of the animal than to the breed itself.

How to adopt a Pharaoh's dog?

If you are considering welcoming a pharaoh dog into your family, we recommend that you seek out the animal welfare associations closest to you. This way, you can go there and personally meet the dogs waiting to be adopted. Remember to always promote adoption because thousands of dogs are waiting for a new home.

Pictures of Pharaoh's Dog

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