Top 20 smallest dog breeds in the world

Let's discover our selection of the smallest breeds of dogs in the world, one of which may become your faithful companion.

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They can live in an apartment. It is easy to take them with us everywhere, not to mention that the food budget is more reasonable. Let's discover these breeds of small dogs, one of which may become your faithful companion.

1. Chinese Crested Dog

A long time ago, large naked dogs were transported from Egypt to China. Very useful for hunting rats on boats in particular, they were then one of the favorite races of the emperors.

As a pet today above all, the small Chinese Crested Dog (23 to 33 cm) is chosen for its various assets: affectionate, easy to train, sociable with other dogs and humans.

He really appreciates the children with whom he takes great pleasure in playing. Finally, his appearance combined with his good humor make this dog an appreciable companion.

2. Japanese Spaniel

Here is an affectionate apartment dog with noble appearances. Quiet, apartment life suits him very well. Appreciating family life, he keeps his character and does not hesitate to express his disagreement when this is the case. However, the Japanese Spaniel is a very pleasant dog to live with on a daily basis as long as he is respected.

3. Affenpinscher

Although it is nicknamed the dog-monkey, this small dog (24 to 29 cm) from Germany is quite old since it is represented by wooden sculptures and visible on paintings dating from the 15th century century.

It is an excellent ratter appreciated at the time by innkeepers and traders to dislodge all kinds of pests in cellars.Beneath his serious demeanor hides a very playful, but slightly stubborn and even tenacious dog. Attentive to its surroundings, the Affenpinscher is a good alert dog.

4. Cavalier King Charles

English aristocratic dog since the 16th century, this small specimen (25 to 34 cm) has retained its letters of nobility by its graceful appearance. This is one of the ideal breeds for someone who wants to adopt a dog for the 1st time.

Affectionate, gentle, happy to live, the Cavalier King Charles has all the qualities required to get along with all members of the family. It adapts to the temperaments and lifestyles of its master, in an apartment or a house.

5. Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier (14 to 25 cm) was created at the beginning of the 19th century in the English region from which it bears its name, during the industrial revolution.

You shouldn't necessarily rely on his small size, because he is a concentrate of energy and despite everything an athlete who never tires of long walks in the forest. He is an always cheerful dog who likes to play. Very close to his master, he appreciates it even more when he can follow him everywhere.

6. M altese

Endowed with a magnificent and silky coat, the M altese Bichon (20 to 25 cm) is a playful life companion that easily adapts to all kinds of situations.

He is an excellent alert dog when he senses a possible danger. He gets along well with his peers.

It is a breed suitable for living in an apartment provided, like all dogs, that it is walked daily.

7. Brussels Griffon

Highly appreciated in the 1800s for its talents as a rat hunter in the stables, the Queen of the Belgians fell in love with the Brussels Griffon (27 to 28 cm) in the 1870s.

Sociable with humans and their fellows, the Griffon Bruxellois is attached to its master. He is a very loyal dog.

8. Chihuahua

The Chihuahua is a dog of Mexican origin whose breed is one of the oldest. We suspect its presence from the time of the Mayas.

Very small (16 to 20 cm), he is no less imposing by his strong personality. With short or long hair, very young children are not his favorites, too rough for his fragile body. If he is very affectionate with his adoptive family, he remains wary of strangers. Due to its miniature size, it has no other choice but to give voice when one of its congeners comes to visit it. Likewise when a stranger approaches the house.

9. Papillon Spaniel

Originally from France, this dog was bred as a small companion (27 to 28 cm) of women from the nobility. Its name "butterfly" is due to the shape of its ears which resemble the wings of the insect.

Always in a good mood, the Papillon Spaniel is gentle and affectionate with humans. He remains wary of strangers and will be able to sound the alarm if necessary.

10. Miniature Pinscher

The Miniature Pinscher (25 to 30 cm) is very popular today. This is not surprising when you know the breed. He is an intelligent and balanced dog, curious about everything. Affectionate and loyal to the members of his family, he can sometimes be aggressive with his congeners.

This is an energetic dog that will need to be walked and stimulated daily.

11. Pekingese

Calm, independent, completely natural, the Pekingese is very attached to his master. Exclusive with the latter, he is distant with strangers. He tends to bark, which makes him a good guardian. Especially since it is a very courageous animal in view of its size.Possessing character, his education must be firm but gentle. He remains a great pet in an apartment, with a few daily walks.

12. Dachshund

Of German origin, the Dachshund (14 to 25 cm) excelled in hunting underground to dislodge badgers hidden in their den. The standard evokes 3 distinct coats for this breed: the short-haired, hard-haired and long-haired Dachshund.

He is a brave and energetic dog who is wary of strangers. Working dog and hunting dog, it is essential to provide him with a quality education from an early age in order to limit instinctive behavior.

13. Pomeranian

This is the smallest Spitz (18 to 24 cm), originally from Pomerania. This region today corresponds to Poland and Germany. Famous thanks to the Queen of the United Kingdom Victoria who loved to surround herself with this breed.

Intelligent and lively, the Miniature Spitz is an excellent alert dog and a good life companion with all members of the family. Faithful to his master, he likes town and country alike.

Dynamic dog, he will need to be channeled and spent. It is necessary to educate him from an early age.

14. Norfolk Terrier

Long classified as a Norwich Terrier because of its resemblance to the latter, it is now registered in the breed of Norfolk Terriers (25 to 26 cm), even if this is not the case everywhere .

He is a fearless and alert dog who loves a lot of fun. Terrier above all, the salon is not his main activity. He prefers outdoor activities. Affectionate with his family, he is sociable with his congeners.

15. Pug

The origins of the Pug (29 to 46 cm) are among the oldest, where the emperors of China liked to surround themselves with this breed, for its small size and also for its facial particularity (flat face).

Very energetic when he is young, he calms down over the years and becomes a great life companion. He gives a lot of affection to his master and expects it in return. A long loneliness does not suit him.

16. Norwich Terrier

This breed looks like two drops of water to the Norfolk Terrier. The difference between the two lies in the stature of the ears. The Norfolk Terrier has droopy ears while those of the Norwich Terrier are carried erect. Like any good self-respecting terrier, he was long intended for fox and badger hunting. He has the same physical and mental characteristics as his "twin" (25 to 26 cm).

17. Havanese

The Havanese (23 to 27 cm) is a cheerful, fairly extroverted specimen. Intelligent and easygoing, it adapts easily to the various situations imposed on it by its master.

He is the ideal companion for children with whom he loves to play. Its level of tolerance is high with humans as well as its congeners and even other animals such as cats or birds.

18. Italian Greyhound

Of fragile appearance, the Italian Greyhound turns out to be a much more resistant dog than it seems, without counting on its speed specific to all Greyhounds.

If he seems slightly delicate and snobbish, it's probably due to his origins as a pet of the Italian nobility. And he is also a shy dog who only puts himself forward when he is in the company of his family only. He knows how to sound the alarm but he avoids any conflict and prefers to withdraw. Playing with children is a hobby he enjoys, provided it is respected.

19. Russian Toy

Also called "Little Russian Dog" (20 to 28 cm), this breed was very successful with the Russian aristocracy during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Very affectionate, the Russian toy participates in everything that happens within his adoptive family. He is a very sociable dog with humans and also with his congeners.

20. Schipperke

The origins of the Schipperke are controversial. However, many agree that this dog was used as a ratter on barges in Belgium. Her black dress allowed her to remain invisible at night to stand guard.

With a strong personality, he remains nonetheless faithful to his master. Distrustful of strangers, he knows how to be convincing in order to protect his family despite his small size (30 to 34 cm).

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