20 Gorgeous Dog Breeds With Floppy Ears

Aren't all these dogs cute with their ears hanging down and moving with each of their movements?

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The cute aspect of the phenomenon, however, leads to more frequent maintenance of the ear canal. Being less well ventilated, the appearance of otitis is more frequent. Here is a selection of 20 adorable dog breeds with floppy ears.

Small Dogs

1. Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is the famous companion of Lieutenant Columbo. He is a dog of French origin, whose long ears are set just below his eye line. Of a fine and soft texture, they fall to below its muzzle. Hunting dog accustomed to living in packs, he does not like loneliness.Calm and without aggressiveness, he is a very pleasant animal to live with on a daily basis.

2. Cocker Spaniel

Formerly a woodcock hunting dog, the Cocker Spaniel, English or American, is today a very affectionate family dog and a bit of a "pot of glue" . Sociable and outgoing, he gets along well with the whole family and his peers. Its ears are set low, lobe-shaped and pendulous. They must reach the nose in length, but not exceed it to respect the standard.

3. Dachshund

This little short-legged dog exists in 3 standards: the short-haired, hard and long-haired Dachshund. Apart from the obvious differences in the nature of the coat and the color of the dress, their physical characteristics are almost identical, with drooping and large ears set high. He is a sociable and affectionate companion dog, a tad exclusive with his master.Good alert dog, he is courageous despite his small size.

4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

With a long, silky coat and long, high-set, profusely feathered ears, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a dog full of grace. Endowed with a great capacity for adaptation, he is the pet of all families and of all ages. His friendly character allows him to get along well with his congeners and other animals.

5. Havanese

Favorite pet of the Cuban aristocracy in the 19th century, the Havanese is a graceful little dog who is always in a good mood. The ears are set relatively high on the head and fall along its flat cheeks. With his bouncing gait, he plays with his charms, of which he is well aware.

It is the companion dog of the whole family and of all ages. It is ideal for older people who cannot move around for too long because it does not need intense physical activity. And his presence easily fills the days of solitude.

6. Lhasa Apso

Originally from Tibet, the sound of the barking of the Lhasa Apso has the particularity of resembling the roar of a miniature lion. Considered sacred in its country of origin, it was useful for raising the alarm in palaces, temples and monasteries, in addition to bringing good luck and prosperity.

His drooping ears, of medium size, are covered with long hair. If it is perfectly suitable in a family with children, it is however necessary to be careful not to rush it. Of an independent character, he can quickly get annoyed. Far from being an athlete, he still needs at least his 30-minute daily walk.

Medium dogs

7. Beagle-Harrier

The Beagle-Harrier was born from the crossing of 2 illustrious dog breeds of English origin, namely the Beagle and the Harrier.His ears are rather short, wide and drooping. They are attached on the line of the eyes. Endowed with undeniable qualities such as his playful and sociable character, his kindness and his loy alty, he is the perfect life companion for the family.

8. Black and Tan Coonhound

Called in French the Black and Tan Coonhound, this dog of American origin was specially designed for raccoon hunting. Set low or at eye level, the ears are carried hanging while forming graceful folds. They even go beyond the end of the nose. Due to its strength and above all its endurance, it is a dog intended for an experienced master capable of understanding and taming its lively and tenacious character.

9. Blue Picard Spaniel

The Blue Picardy Spaniel's ears are rounded, relatively long and drooping at the sides.Excellent hunting dog of French origin and possessing a pronounced flair, he demonstrates significant physical resistance. Runner, swimmer and even diver, he is at ease on all terrains.

Clearly preferring life in the countryside, he remains close to his family for whom he does everything to please him. Mentally balanced, his affection for children is boundless and playing with them satisfies him fully.

10. English Setter

One of the best game bird hunters (very often 1st in the rankings), the English Setter is an intelligent dog capable of carrying out many tasks on its own. He also turns out to be an excellent companion dog who appreciates life with his human family, as long as he can regularly expend his boundless energy and walk in nature several times a week. Affectionate, playful, with the desire to please his master, he is also sociable with his congeners.

His ears are of medium length, set low and fall against the cheeks forming well-defined folds.

11.Irish Setter

More or less close to the English Setter, the Irish Setter is also a high-performance dog for flushing out, tracking down and bringing back game birds. It is distinguished by its natural elegance and its beautiful mahogany robe. The ears are placed behind the skull, a little lower than the level of the eyes. They are thin, long and hang with a neat crease along the head.

He is a friendly dog without aggressiveness and a welcoming nature with strangers. For him to flourish as he should, daily physical activity is essential. It is on this condition that he becomes the ideal companion for a family.

12. Treeing Walker Coonhound

From the United States, the Treeig Walker Coonhound is a trained dog for raccoon and opossum hunting. A top athlete, he needs daily sporting activity to maintain his mental balance. He is a friendly dog who turns out to be an excellent companion in a human family that has a large garden. His long, smooth drooping ears are set to the side at eye level.

13. Italian Pointer

A sporting dog whose vocation is to hunt game birds and walks in the open air, the Italian Shorthaired Pointer is however capable of living in the city provided that they benefit from a dose of intense sport on a daily basis. Loneliness, very little for this dog who needs to live with his master. If it is sporty and practices canicross, for example, it is ideal.

Pleasant to live with and very kind, he is an easy dog to train. His drooping ears, set back, are large and wide. They are smooth, just like the coat, short and shiny.

Large Dogs

14. Saint-Hubert

Became popular thanks to W alt-Disney, the Saint-Hubert's reputation as a bloodhound is second to none. His sense of smell clearly superior to the canine average makes him an exceptional tracker for hunting. The ears are set at eye level, or even lower, on either side of the head. They are large, thin, drooping and flexible. They are also covered with short, soft hairs.

15. Weimaraner

It is named after the German Duke of Weimar, who had a special affinity with this bloodhound. The Weimaraner, a versatile hunting dog, has a balanced character. Physically, he is graceful and his drooping ears are rounded at the tips. He is also a loyal family dog brimming with affection for children.

16. Italian Spinone

The Italian Spinone has long, triangular-shaped drooping ears that hang down along the cheeks. Originally used for hunting in the Alps, it has the particularity of having a stiff and dense coat, which protects it from bad weather, brush and cold water. He is a very pleasant companion, who loves children and protects them.

17. Afghan Hound

This is one of the oldest races, traces of which can be found in engravings and papyri dating back 4000 years. Like all greyhounds, its narrow, elongated head ends in a long muzzle. As for his drooping ears, these are folded back on themselves and covered with long, very fine hair.

The Afghan Hound is relatively independent and aloof by nature. On the other hand, he appreciates the family life with which he is affectionate, without being demonstrative as is the case with many other canine breeds.

18. Otterhound

The Otterhound is a dog of English origin, specialist in otter hunting. It is therefore skilful and lively both on land and in water and even under water, thanks to webbed feet and large lungs. This is without counting on its thick coat and covered with an oil which gives it protection against water. Its ears are long, located at the same level as the eyes and rather oriented towards the back of the skull.

Enduring and strong, his energy is almost inexhaustible. If the Otterhound is suitable for family life, it is only because his master allows him to practice daily exercises in high doses.

19. Saluki

The Saluki, also called “Persian Greyhound”, is tall and very thin, with a graceful and elegant look. A hunting dog skilled in catching game, it surpasses its congeners on heavy ground (sand, mud).If his hair is short and smooth, his ears are provided with long hairs which form silky fringes.

He is a calm, sensitive and affectionate dog, but only with his master and his family. He is very reserved with strangers, without feeling fear or showing aggression. Daily running in large parks is essential for the Saluki.

20.Setter Gordon

Excellent pointing dog, the Gordon Setter is recognized for its will and courage to tackle all types of terrain, even the most difficult to locate its prey. In addition to his athletic abilities of speed and endurance, he is a magnificent dog whose coat color is an intense, shiny charcoal black with tan markings. Her drooping ears with soft hair are fringed.

With a playful character, family life suits him perfectly. He has a lot of affection to give and is attentive to his master's slightest wishes. It is preferable that it be of a sporting nature to accompany this dog with inexhaustible resources.

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