Who to entrust your dog to during the holidays?

It is not always possible to take your dog with you. The only solution is therefore to keep your four-legged companion.

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Indeed, it is not always possible to take your dog with you. The only solution is therefore to keep your four-legged companion. Who should you entrust your dog to during the holidays? This will depend on various criteria, in particular the duration of the absence and the budget allocated for childcare.

Important rules

Even if it seems obvious, it is important to remember that a dog should absolutely not be left alone for several days in a row. Even with a food and water dispenser available, the animal needs a human presence. He must be taken out several times a day to relieve himself.In addition, a dog accustomed to having a human presence risks feeling depressed very quickly if he is alone, even for a few days.

The Kennel

The kennel, or dog boarding, is an excellent solution since the dog is welcomed by professionals and has access to everything necessary for its well-being. It has a fairly large space and is constantly monitored by qualified employees. He can even participate in activities with other dogs. On the other hand, it is advisable not to rush and not to choose a pension at random. The best is to visit several to get an opinion. A serious establishment will ask the owners of the animal for the dog's vaccination and identification certificate. In general, the rates are decreasing according to the length of the stay but it is necessary to count about fifteen euros per day.

A loved one

Entrusting your animal to a relative is also a good solution since it is a trusted person who, most often, already knows the dog.It can be a neighbour, a family member, a friend. The dog will feel safe with this person. The loved one has several options: to pay simple visits to the animal to give it food and drink, to take it out and spend some time with it, to settle in the home of the dog's owner during their absence or even take the animal home. Although free, this mode of care is, unfortunately, not accessible to everyone since it remains a responsibility to keep an animal.

An individual

For some time now, some individuals have offered to keep animals during their owners' vacations. Passionate about dogs or cats, they are volunteers! They do this for free because they know it is difficult to keep their animals and it is also a way for them to have some company in their free time. As for the dogs, they are happy because someone who loves animals takes care of them.A first meeting is always welcome because it allows you to check the seriousness of the individual and to see if the dog feels confident with him.

And why not practice the exchange of custody? Following the same principle as the exchange of house for the holidays, the exchange of animal care is very simple. An owner keeps the animal of another owner in July, and in August, it is the opposite. It is an economical and simple solution to set up. It is beginning to develop and attract more and more pet owners because it allows people to meet people and help each other to make the most of the holidays.

A dog sitter

Call on a dog sitter is a preferred solution for those who prefer their dog to stay at home during their vacation. They are individuals but who have a CCAD (Certificate of Capacity for Domestic Animals) and who are covered by animal liability insurance.They are therefore used to taking care of animals and will take care of them. The principle is simple: they settle in the home of the owners during their absence. As a result, the animal constantly benefits from a human presence. For an absence of only a few days, it is possible to request a dog sitter who will only be responsible for visiting the animal to take care of it. The daily rate changes according to the number of visits but remains reasonable (from 10 to 20 € per day).

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The host family

There are foster families, most often also pet owners, who temporarily welcome dogs and cats into their homes. To find them and be put in touch with them, all you have to do is consult specialized sites, select your place of residence and the dates of your vacation. This time again, it is preferable to meet several families before making your choice.As far as prices are concerned, it is necessary to count around twenty euros per day. Even if it will be very well received, so that the dog does not feel too lost, it is advisable to leave it with some toys and its basket.

Choose the right mode of care

Choosing the right care mode is not necessarily easy but will above all depend on the duration of the absence. Indeed, for only a few days, occasional visits are enough. On the other hand, for an absence of several weeks, it is better to favor a more complete solution with more in-depth monitoring.

Pet owners have the choice between various care solutions when going on vacation. Some are suitable for a short absence, others longer. The dog can be kept at the owner's home or not. The most important thing is to think about your well-being.

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