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M altipoo: find out what this animal is like, its physical characteristics, character, behavior, etc. Dog lovers are more than used to certain dog breeds like...

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Dog lovers are more than used to certain dog breeds like German Shepherds, Dalmatians, Poodles, etc. However, crossbred dogs and hybrid breeds, that is, dogs that appeared as a result of certain crosses between pure breeds, are becoming increasingly popular. One of these varieties of crossbreeds is the one we are going to tell you about in this article on PlanèteAnimal, we have named the adorable M altipoo! This dog is the result of crossbreeding Miniature Poodles and M altese Bichons.Combining the virtues of both breeds, the M altipoo is a dog that deserves to be known, stay with us to get to know it and discover all the characteristics of the M altipoo!


  • America
  • United States

Physical Characteristics

  • End
  • Proportional


  • Little


  • 35-45

Adult Weight

  • 3-10

Life expectancy

  • 10-12

Recommended physical activity

  • Average


  • Balanced
  • Society
  • Smart
  • Docile

Ideal for

  • Children
  • Apartment
  • House
  • Elderly people
  • Allegric people

Hair type

  • Medium
  • Long
  • Smooth
  • Big

Origin of M altipoo

The M altipoo is a dog breed of really recent origin, since it was not until 1990 that the first specimens of M altipoo appeared. Their birth occurred in the United States, although the exact place and date of his origin are unknown. After their appearance, this crossbreed gained popularity and it was distributed worldwide at lightning speed.

There is much speculation about the intentions the breeders had in crossing Poodles and M altese Bichons, as it is believed that the main purpose was to obtain dogs with hypoallergenic coats, since the two original breeds are considered suitable for allergy sufferers.Currently it is considered a hybrid or crossbreed, not a breed per se, so most official cynological bodies do not have an official breed standard, as does the Federation. Cynologique Internationale (FCI).

Characteristics of the M altipoo

The M altipoo is a small or toy dog, as many specimens do not exceed 2 or 3 kilos in weight. However, it is possible to find larger specimens that touch 7 kilos. Their weight and height are largely dependent on the height of their parents and the predominant genetics in the puppy. As it is a recent breed, its life expectancy is not precisely known, but it is estimated at around 12-14 years.

Depending on the size, we distinguish:

  • M altipoo teacup, with 1-2.5 kilos
  • M altipoo miniature toy, weighing between 2.5 and 4 kilos
  • M altipoo toy which includes puppies that weigh between 4 and 7 kilos

M altipoo Puppy

When the M altipoo is born, it's an adorable little ball of fur who, as it grows, will prove to you its passion for play and company. He is a very dependent puppy who needs a lot of attention and affection. He usually calms down as he gets older, but he will always be an active and playful dog.

Colors of the M altipoo

The coat of the M altipoo is considered hypoallergenic, it is generally smooth and dense, similar in length to that of a Bichon M altese. Accepted colors are the same as for Poodles, but the most common are light colors, such as white or cream. In addition, these dogs can be of a multitude of colors such as blue, gray in different tones, brown or black, among others. Thus, it is possible to adopt a black, white, brown M altipoo, etc.

Character of the M altipoo

Having inherited the personality of its parents, that is to say the toy poodle and the M altese Bichon, the M altipoo stands out for its intelligence and liveliness. He is a very affectionate dog who enjoys spending time with his family. It does not tolerate loneliness at all, so if we usually spend a lot of time away from home, this is not the breed for you. If he spends too much time alone, it causes him such anxiety and sadness that he can fall into depression.

On the other hand, the M altipoo is a dog that gets along wonderfully with children and the elderly, so it is fabulous for families with children or elderly people.

Caring for a M altipoo

If you have a M altipoo as a pet, the most important thing is to make sure you have enough time to spend with him. This is essential because, as we have said, it is a dependent dog that cannot stand loneliness.That's why you're going to have to give her your attention every day, showing her how much you appreciate and love her.

As far as physical activity is concerned, it is recommended that, in addition to walks, be prepared for hours of play, since he is a fairly active dog and he likes to play and jump around. You can simply throw a ball at him or prepare intelligence games for him, because in this way you will promote his physical and mental development. In addition, it will prevent him from getting bored because if he is bored, he could be agitated, adopt destructive behaviors or bark excessively.

Apart from the attention-related care it needs, it is essential to brush it several times a week in order to keep the M altipoo's coat in perfect condition. As this dog inherited the coat of the Bichon M altese, it tends to have a dense and rather long coat. Some specimens may even have a hybrid coat, with the density of the M altese Bichon and the curl of the Poodle.In any case, it is necessary to brush it and offer dog food rich in omega 3, which strengthens the coat, making it soft and shiny.

M altipoo Education

The M altipoo is a fairly easy dog to train because it comes from two docile and intelligent breeds. Thus, the intelligence and curiosity of the poodles combines with the affable and docile character of the Bichon, which gives the character of the M altipoo. Education will be much easier this way, since in just a few sessions he will learn almost any order or trick you teach him. However, to achieve these results, it is essential to consider the following tips:

  • Positive reinforcement must be the basis of education, because this dog does not tolerate shouting or physical violence. Likewise, punishments are counter-productive for the education of all breeds of dogs.
  • Consistency is another key, so it is necessary to establish a work plan and follow it strictly so that the dog can internalize everything he learns.
  • Although it is a dog that learns quickly, it is not advisable to overuse it. This means that sessions should last a maximum of 15 minutes. If we subject him to too long and too intense sessions or if we fix too many sessions during the day, the dog will be tired, frustrated and will not want to continue learning.

On the other hand, it is essential to carry out early socialization, so that our M altipoo is open and not fearful, both with people and with other dogs or animals, with which it usually gets along great.

All this must always be done with the utmost respect and by basing education on affection and non-invasive, even less aggressive techniques, and without ever resorting to physical or verbal punishment.

M altipoo He alth

Although a fairly he althy crossbreed dog, the M altipoo can inherit a number of congenital conditions from Poodles and M altese.One such condition is progressive retinal atrophy, a common condition in M altese and Poodles, and should be diagnosed at an early stage, as advanced cases often lead to permanent blindness.

The poodle inherits the tendency to develop hip dysplasia, for which certain exercises and treatments such as chondroprotectors are recommended. From poodles, he can also inherit the propensity to suffer from abdominal distension or eye problems. On the other hand, the M altese tends to suffer from diseases of the respiratory system, as well as from oral alterations, such as malformations or infections of the teeth and mouth.

In order to keep your M altipoo in the best possible condition, it is essential to visit the veterinarian regularly in order to carry out the necessary routine tests and checks, as well as vaccinations and the application of pest control products suitable for external and internal deworming.

Where to adopt a M altipoo?

Once you know all the characteristics of the M altipoo, we're pretty sure you want to adopt one, right? But, how to adopt a M altipoo? Since, although it is a fairly popular hybrid, it is not a very common breed, adopting one of these dogs can be complicated.

Although you can buy a M altipoo, at PlanèteAnimal, we recommend that you adopt one. To adopt a M altipoo, you can try approaching some shelters or SPAs near you to ask them if there is a M altipoo specimen to adopt.

When adopting a puppy or an adult M altipoo, it is essential to consider their care and needs, as you must be aware that you are dealing with a very dependent dog who cannot spend many hours alone at home. As we have already mentioned, if you work a lot, the best thing is to look for another breed of dog to share your life with.Adoption helps to fight against the abandonment of animals and gives a second chance to the most disadvantaged, but for this it is necessary to do it in a responsible way.

M altipoo pictures

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