Calming a male dog in heat: how to do it?

How to recognize and calm a dog in heat? Discover our natural and effective solutions to make this period more bearable.

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Can a male dog be "in heat" ?

The term "heat" is normally reserved for females because heat only exists physiologically in the latter. This is a phase of their sexual cycle during which they ovulate and emit vaginal secretions loaded with sex pheromones that attract male dogs.

" By misuse of language, a dog in heat is a male dog receptive to the heat of neighboring females. In the animal species, we also commonly speak of the rutting period."

Male dogs do not have a heat period before reaching puberty, which marks their sexual maturity.The age of its onset varies according to the size of the dog but it is generally reached between 6 and 18 months. In this matter, small dogs are more precocious than large ones.

In pubertal dogs, we observe attempts to mount bitches whether they are in heat or not.

How does a male dog behave in heat?

A dog receptive to the heat of a female is abnormally agitated, barks more often than usual, may have less appetite and constantly ask to go out. Once outside, he may seek to run away to meet a female. We are talking about sexual vagrancy.

During walks, when the dog finds traces of secretions emitted by a female in heat, he begins to sniff them for a long time and lick them. He can also mark his passage by emitting several times small jets of urine or smell the air where the pheromones of the females float.

Releasing testosterone in males, these pheromones can cause the appearance of more aggressive behavior towards other male dogs.

How to calm a male dog in heat?

Sexual arousal in uncastrated dogs is a transient natural phenomenon that should normally cease spontaneously when the heat of neighboring females ends. No pun intended, so you will have to be patient during this period.

But, if your dog's behavior in heat becomes particularly painful during this period, know that there are solutions to calm him down a bit and if you don't want him to protrude.

Solution n°1: keep your dog away from female dogs in heat

The first thing to do is to keep him as far away as possible from females in heat.If he smells females in heat on your usual walking route, it might be time to take him for a walk elsewhere for a few days! Also remember to occupy your dog more by offering him more physical or intellectual activity to occupy his mind with something else!

Solution n°2: bet on plants or homeopathy

In addition, many plants can also help make the situation much more bearable for owners of "in heat" dogs. Thus, nettle root, chasteberry, willowherb or even hops are plants that can be used in male dogs to calm, in a natural and reversible way, their sexual ardor. They can be administered to the dog in the form of glycerinated extracts during sensitive periods. Be careful however, these plants should not be used without the advice of a specialized veterinarian in order to avoid possible drug interactions and/or contraindications.

" Whether or not associated with herbal medicine, homeopathy can also help curb the ardor of a male dog. Thus, a dose-globule of orchitinum 30 CH per month (during the heat months) can help to slow down your dog&39;s libido a little. There are also homeopathic sex sedatives specially formulated for pets. Ask your veterinarian for more information."

Solution n°3: consider castration

If you don't want to breed your animal, be aware that castration could also put an end to these inconveniences. It should be considered, weighing the pros and cons, with the help of your veterinarian. If in doubt as to the effectiveness of definitive surgical castration, it is possible to chemically and temporarily castrate your animal using a hormonal implant, placed by the veterinarian, under the dog's skin.

If, finally, your dog's sexual arousal seems excessive to you and/or it lasts beyond the periods of heat of the bitches in the neighborhood, it is likely that your dog is suffering from hypersexualism.It is an excess of libido whose origin is behavioral or linked to a pathology of the dog. In the event of a behavioral problem, castration is ineffective and it is then necessary to undertake behavioral therapy with the help of a veterinary behaviorist or a competent canine educator and behaviorist.

How long does the heat period last?

A male dog can stay in heat as long as he will smell a female in heat in his entourage or in his neighborhood.

The heat lasts 2 to 3 weeks on average and generally returns every 6 months. The dog can breed all year round so that the heat can occur at any time of the year and not necessarily only in the spring as we can often hear.

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