Affenpinscher - Origin, Traits and Care

Affenpinscher: find out what this animal is like, its physical characteristics, character, behavior, etc. With such a name, it's probably easy to imagine that we have...

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With such a name, it is probably easy to imagine that we are dealing with one of the dog breeds of German origin. What we may not know is that the Affenpinscher is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, along with others like the Chow-chow, Pekingese, and Husky. Did you know they are called because they look like monkeys? It is even believed that this name was given to them because in the 16th century there was a very widespread myth which claimed that the Affenpinscher was the result of a mixture between dogs and monkeys.Want to learn more about them? That's good because at PlanèteAnimal, we present these wonderful dogs to you! Read on to learn about Affenpinscher characteristics, care, origin and more!

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  • Europe
  • Germany

FCI Nomenclature

  • Group II

Physical Characteristics

  • Rustic
  • Muscular
  • Short legs
  • Long ears


  • Little


  • 15-35

Life expectancy

  • 12-14

Recommended physical activity

  • High


  • Strong
  • Society
  • Very loyal
  • Smart
  • Active

Ideal for

  • Children
  • Apartment
  • House
  • The hunt
  • The guard
  • Sports

Recommended climate

  • Temperate

Hair type

  • Long
  • Hard
  • Big
  • Dry

Origin of the Affenpinscher

Given the age of this breed, experts have encountered many difficulties in establishing the exact date of its appearance as well as the crosses from which it comes.Therefore, everything is based on guesswork, as well as some pictographic evidence. For example, the breed has been established to exist as early as the 16th century because Affenpinschers have been featured in paintings from that era.

Due to the morphological and genetic characteristics of the Affenpinscher, it has been determined that it is most likely descended from the German Terrier, Pinscher or Miniature Schnauzer, among other options.

" As a curious fact about the origin of the Affenpinscher, the name of the breed can be said to literally mean pincher-monkey due to the resemblance of these dogs to a primate; at the time, it was even thought that this resemblance was due to the fact that he was the product of a hybridization between an ape and a dog."

Features of the Affenpinscher

The Affenpinscher is a small dog and, with a weight fluctuating between 3 and 6 kg, it is the smallest breed of the Pinscher group. The height at the withers is between 25 and 30 centimeters, so it is a rather small dog.

As for the physical characteristics of the Affenpinscher, it has a rather compact body, a short and strong back, a somewhat broad chest and a sickle-shaped tail. Its legs are straight, robust and they end with short, rounded feet with claws of black color. The head is rounded, with a prominent forehead and a short, straight muzzle with a stop. The Affenpinscher has dark colored round eyes, V-shaped ears set high and drooping forward, although some dogs may have them trained, in which case their size is considerably reduced and they must be upright.

The coat of the Affenpinscher consists of a harsh, high-density coat, with very bushy eyebrows that wrap around the eyes, like a crown, a marked beard and a topknot on the top of the head, which must be wire-haired, straight and perpendicular to the nape of the neck, as if shaped like a lightning bolt. The color can only be pure black, including the woolly undercoat of the breed.

Character of the Affenpinscher

" These dogs are affectionately called little black devils because of their constant restlessness and because they are very attentive and active. They also have a strong character. Nevertheless, do not think that it is a difficult dog to manage because it is one of the most recommended breeds for family life, since it is a very affectionate dog that loves to spend time time with his family."

However, these dogs can be a little naughty, which can lead to them causing a mess around the house. To calm them down, it is therefore absolutely essential to allow them to do daily physical activity. In addition, dog training is not something you can take lightly either. In other words, if you've decided to adopt an Affenpinscher puppy, early education will be the key to success.

These little dogs won't hesitate to be assertive if they think someone is hurting their own, because regardless of their small size, they will be very brave and fierce in defending their guardians.This can make Affenpinschers somewhat suspicious of strangers, but they are generally not aggressive if properly trained.

Affenpinscher Care

Although the Affenpinscher's coat may seem difficult to care for due to its thickness, hardness and length, it is not at all difficult to keep it in good condition, as the standard of the breed states that the appearance of the Affenpinscher includes a ruffled coat. Therefore, a weekly brushing will be enough to keep our Affenpinscher well cared for and maintained. This will also remove any dust and dirt that accumulates in his coat. Thanks to these treatments, you will also be able to detect possible parasites such as fleas or ticks.

Due to the high energy level of the breed, as well as their small size, it is recommended to buy them kibble adapted to their small size, because in this way they will have their nutritional needs covered.And if you prefer to opt for a homemade diet, it will be essential to ensure that all these nutritional needs are guaranteed, by offering quality animal proteins and, to a lesser extent, fruits and vegetables good for dogs.

On the other hand, and precisely because they are very active, a good dose of physical activity is essential for your Affenpinscher to be properly stimulated. To do this, we can take the dog to the countryside to throw the ball to him and bring it back, make him do Agility, etc.

Training and education of the Affenpinscher

One of the biggest challenges we face when training an Affenpinscher is in their nervous nature. In order to calm them down and prevent them from being too mischievous and destructive, it is recommended to use training techniques that relax your animal. Did you know that dogs can also practice yoga to maintain a balanced character?

To prevent Affenpinschers from being aggressive towards strangers, care must be taken to ensure that their socialization is optimal and that they get used to dealing with strangers very early on, otherwise things can be quite difficult , and it is sometimes very difficult to change the behavior of adult dogs towards strangers. So, if you have decided to adopt an Affenpinscher puppy, it is necessary to start socializing it as soon as the veterinarian allows it. If you adopt an adult dog, you will start from day one, always after evaluating the character of the dog.

To obtain the best results and establish a strong bond between the dog and the man, it is recommended to resort to positive education, because it allows not only to educate him in a calm way, but also to keep him stimulated. Punishments are not recommended for any breed of dog, but in dogs like the Affenpinscher, with such a strong temperament, they are even more counterproductive.

Affenpinscher Diseases

Did you know that Affenpinschers are among the 10 he althiest dogs in the world? Normally, an Affenpinscher is a very he althy dog, and one that lives quite a long time, because if you are wondering what is the life expectancy of the Affenpinscher, know that it generally lives between 12 and 15 years, although there have been recorded specimens that have exceeded this age.

Despite this, the breed can suffer from certain conditions, such as hip dysplasia, for which early detection is essential, because the more advanced the disease, the more difficult it will be to relieve. They may also have patellar issues, such as a dislocated patella, which pops out of its socket and in many cases needs to be repositioned by a professional.

Another of the pathologies that can affect Affenpinschers are those related to eye he alth, sometimes due to the fact that, since they have such long hair in the eye area, this hair comes into contact with the retina , damaging it.

Photos of Affenpinscher

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