Irish Soft Coated Terrier - Origin, Characteristics and Behavior

Irish soft-haired terrier: find out what this animal is like, its physical characteristics, character, behavior, etc. Although medium in size, the Irish Bull Terrier...

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Even though it is medium in size, the Soft Coated Irish Terrier or Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is one of the largest terriers. Friendly and playful, he is also one of the calmest and most stable terriers. However, he tends to be very possessive of his own due to his strong protective instincts. These dogs are very intelligent and learn very quickly, so it is very easy to teach them basic commands.

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  • Europe
  • Ireland

FCI Nomenclature

  • Group III

Physical Characteristics

  • Proportional


  • Average


  • 45-55

Adult Weight

  • 10-25

Life expectancy

  • 12-14

Recommended physical activity

  • High


  • Society
  • Active

Ideal for

  • Apartment
  • Walking
  • Sports

Recommended climate

  • Temperate

Hair type

  • Medium
  • Curly
  • End

Origin of the Irish Soft Coated Terrier

Although there is no definite record of the development of the breed, this terrier is known to have originated in rural areas of Ireland. It performed the same functions as other terriers, namely hunting burrowing animals, but it was also used as a herding dog and as a collection dog. Maybe that's why he's not as aggressive as other dogs in the terrier group and is easier to socialize.

Although an ancient breed, they went unrecognized for many years until they were officially recognized in Ireland in the 1930s. Apparently they are closely related to the Kerry Blue Terrier.

Today, the Irish Soft Coated Terrier is a companion and show dog.

Characteristics of the Irish Soft Coated Terrier

The Irish Soft Coated Terrier, or simply wheaten as it is sometimes called, is a medium sized dog with a square body. The height at the withers of males is between 46 and 48 centimeters, while females are slightly smaller. The ideal weight for males is between 18 and 20.5 kilograms, with female dogs being slightly lighter. Although not a massive dog, he is strong and very agile.

His head of the Irish Soft Coated Terrier is long and well proportioned to the body. Its muzzle is no longer than the skull and ends in a large black nose. His dark or dark hazel eyes are neither too large nor protruding. His ears are small to medium in size.

" Unlike other terrier breeds, the Irish Soft Coated Terrier&39;s tail is not very thick.The FCI standard accepts the whole tail, but also the tail docked to two thirds of its initial length. Fortunately, many countries prohibit cosmetic amputation and this custom is less and less applied."

His fur is perhaps the most striking feature of Irish Soft Coated Terriers. As its name suggests, this dog, in adulthood, has a single coat, with a soft and silky texture. It is wheaten in color that can range from light fawn to a reddish-golden hue. Puppies, however, can be other colors (usually dark), until they reach maturity between 18 months and two and a half years.

Character of the Irish Soft Coated Terrier

Irish Soft Coated Terriers tend to be more social and less aggressive than most other terriers. Therefore, they adapt much better to city life. However, it should be remembered that he is still a terrier and that, in addition to his great energy, he must be well socialized from an early age.

Well socialized, Wheaten Terriers can get along with other dogs, but care should always be taken to avoid fights between dogs of the same sex. With other pets, the situation can be more complicated as these dogs may tend to chase them.

With people, however, they tend to be very friendly and get along well with children. In fact, although Irish Soft Coated Terriers may bark to alert, they are generally not good guard dogs as they are very gentle.

Care for the Irish Soft Coated Terrier

Coat care is simple, but it takes time. The dog should be combed at least four times a week, but it is best to do it once a day to avoid tangling. Also, it is advisable to take the Irish Soft Coated Terrier to the groomer three to four times a year.Grooming show dogs is more complex and we recommend that you seek expert advice.

Despite the time it takes to maintain the coat of these dogs, a big advantage is that they shed very little hair. They are therefore considered hypoallergenic dogs, suitable for people with asthma or allergies.

The Irish Soft-Coated Terrier may not need as much exercise as other terriers, but they still require plenty of physical activity and companionship. Daily walks are necessary to keep this dog in good condition. Also, it is good to give him plenty of time to play and, if possible, to practice a dog sport that allows him to burn energy.

Training the Irish Soft Coated Terrier

The Irish Soft Coated Terrier is very intelligent and tends to do anything to please his family.It is therefore very easy to train. He is also very curious and is always aware of what is going on around him. Although not aggressive, the Irish Soft-Coated Terrier can show very strong protective instincts towards his family and can end up becoming quite possessive.

These dogs respond well to dog training based on positive reinforcement, and with styles such as clicker training, great results can be achieved.

Irish Soft Coated Terrier He alth

Like most dog breeds, Wheaten Terriers are prone to certain hereditary diseases. These diseases include:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Kidney problems
  • Allergies

Kidney and enteric (intestinal) diseases, which lead to loss of protein in the urine and are often fatal, are of particular concern for this breed.But these are easily diagnosed genetic diseases and the symptoms are usually progressive. Proper nutrition and early treatment will help a lot.

Pictures of Irish Soft Coated Terrier

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