Dog potomania: causes and solutions

Does your dog jump on his water bowl when he's excited? He drinks “all the time”? He may be suffering from potomania

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Potomania: what is it?

The term "potomania" comes from the Greek potos which designates the action of drinking and mania which means madness. It is therefore a dipsic behavior disorder in the dog which is characterized by an increase in the amount of water it ingests.

Potomania or polydipsia?

Polydipsia should not be confused with potomania. If these two words designate an increase in drinking in dogs, they indicate two very different situations. Polydipsia is generally the consequence of a state of dehydration in the dog, an organic disease or the taking of a drug that “increases thirst”.We speak of potomania when the dog feels the continual need to drink, in the absence of an organic disease that could explain this need. Potomania is therefore a psychological disorder or is the direct consequence of a psychological disorder in the dog. It is one of the obsessive-compulsive disorders of which a dog can be the victim.

How does potomania manifest itself in dogs?

A potoman dog has a real obsession with water. He is constantly looking for it to try to "chew" it or to swallow it.

Usually, potomania concerns hyperactive dogs that suffer from what is called Hs-Ha syndrome. In this specific case, the obsession for water is not the only symptom presented by the dog.

To a lesser extent, increased drinking can also affect very anxious or excitable dogs. Stress and excitement then change the amount and composition of their saliva, which dries out the inside of their oral cavity.These dogs then drink more to eliminate the unpleasant feeling of dry mouth that they feel at the slightest episode of stress.

The potomane dog therefore drinks more and feels the need to urinate more and may, if he has not gone out as much as he needs to, present problems of urinary uncleanliness.

Potoman dog: what to do?

If your dog starts drinking more than usual, it is essential to consult a veterinarian without delay so that in the first place, look for a he alth problem that could be the cause.

If the he alth professional rules out any physical problem, he can then confirm the diagnosis of potomania and refer you to a canine behavior professional, who can help you set up behavioral therapy adapted to the particular case of your dog.

Even if the fact that your dog drinks very often is an OCD or at least the direct consequence of his stress, there are solutions that will reduce this behavior and the discomfort of your pet!

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