11 tips to get rid of pet hair at home

You own animals and you love them more than anything, but they have a tendency to lose their hair.

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If you're tired of picking up hair all day long, there are tips for getting rid of pet hair in your home. Here are 11.

Use a washcloth or sponge

If you have hair on your clothes, you can remove them with a wet washcloth then wrung out. If you have pet hair on your sofa or armchairs, you can use a clean, damp sponge. Make small circles to form a ball of hair that will be easier to remove. For your other furniture, a damp cloth will do the trick.

Using an electrostatic brush

To remove pet hair from your carpet, rugs, sofa or clothes, the electrostatic brush is your ally. It is effective on all textiles and even removes hair and dust.

Equip yourself with an anti-hair brush

To get rid of pet hair littering the floor of your home, you can use an anti-hair brush. Effective on all types of flooring, it picks up all hairs in a single pass.

Use a rubber glove

If you have a lot of hair to remove, put on a rubber glove and run it over all surfaces, but always in the same direction. To gain in efficiency, you can moisten your glove. The bristles will cling to your glove over time.When you're done, all you have to do is throw the bristles in the trash and then rinse your glove. You can reuse it for next time.

Recycle your old tights

If your pair of tights has threads or holes, don't throw them away! It can be very useful to you! Put on your tights (or stockings) on your broom then start your cleaning as you usually do. Thanks to static electricity, all animal hair on the floor will cling to your tights.

Spray fabric softener

To help you remove snagged pet hair from your clothes, you can fill a spray bottle with a mixture of half water and half fabric softener. Spray this mixture on your textile surfaces and equip yourself with a microfiber cloth to collect all the hairs. There are also fabric softener wipes that will allow you to remove pet hair clinging to your clothes.

Use tape

To catch as much hair as possible, wrap tape around your hand then use the sticky part on your dirty clothes and fabrics. Attention, you just have to tap the adhesive tape on the textile. By rubbing, you risk scattering the hair all over your clothes and damaging them.

Brush your pets

You can't really stop your pets' hair loss, but you can limit it. By brushing regularly, you will prevent your pets from spreading hair all over your home. Another advantage: your animals like to be brushed because they enjoy a moment of complicity with their master. So you are both winners!

Prohibit access to certain rooms

If you don't want to end up with hair all over your house, the solution is to keep your pets out of certain rooms.For example, if your pet is not allowed in your bedroom, you will not have hair on your bed. This trick works especially with cats, which tend to hide in every corner of the house, even the most inaccessible. In your bathroom, cats could slip into your dirty laundry basket and scatter their hair everywhere. They will then end up in your washing machine and your clean clothes will be covered by the hairs.


It may seem logical but the more you vacuum the less hair you will have. Do not hesitate to invest in a vacuum cleaner known to be powerful in the face of animal hair. The ideal is to choose a canister vacuum cleaner equipped with a bag. Indeed, a model without a bag risks clogging more easily, especially with hair, and therefore losing power.

On the other hand, if you have the possibility, you can invest in a robot vacuum cleaner.This equipment will never replace a conventional vacuum cleaner, but it will be able to pick up a large part of animal hair, even in the most difficult to access places. And most importantly, you can do something else while you wait. Some models are even programmable remotely.

Getting your pet used to sleeping

To limit the number of hairs in your home, try to get your pet used to sleeping in a basket as soon as possible. Much of the stray hair will be collected in your pet's bed, so it will be easier for you to pick it up.

These 11 tips will help you eliminate pet hair in your home: on your clothes, on your furniture, on your floor. Some allow you to prevent and limit hair loss while others make it easier for you to eliminate them.

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