Green belly in dog food?

Why do we find green belly in online dog food stores? Is it really useful for the dog?

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The green belly: what is it?

The paunch is one of the 4 stomachs of ruminants, it is also known as the rumen. In butchery, it is a muscle offal made up of muscles and mucous membranes.

We talk about green belly when it is fresh, in other words when it has not undergone any treatment or transformation. In this form, it is considered a Category 3 animal by-product and may be eligible for the manufacture of raw pet food. You can also find it for sale on various dog food sites.

You can also find rumen in the human food circuit, but only in its bleached form.Before being marketed for human food, the belly then undergoes sterilization which allows it to be rid of bacteria and any parasites that inhabit it naturally.

Why is green belly so popular among BARFeurs?

The green belly is highly prized by some dog owners who have chosen to feed their pet according to the principles of BARF (biologically Appropriate Raw Food).

If it is so popular, it is for its supposed richness in "good" bacteria useful for the good he alth of the dog's intestinal flora and vitamin, mineral and choline content.

BARFeurs consider it as a complement or even a substitute for fleshy bones, due to its content which would be balanced in calcium and phosphorus.

Is the green paunch really beneficial for the dog?

In reality, the green paunch seems to have somewhat usurped its reputation as a "superfood" for dogs for 2 main reasons:

  • It is a very contaminated food, in other words populated by many bacteria and other micro-organisms (protozoa, fungi) which are not necessarily beneficial for the dog. If we read everywhere that the rumen is rich in Lactobacillus which would give it probiotic properties, these bacteria are actually very rare in the rumen.
  • The green belly is not rich enough in calcium or phosphorus to meet the nutritional needs of the dog. It therefore in no way replaces fleshy bones or a vitamin and mineral supplement in the food ration of a dog fed with a BARF or more traditional household ration.

If a dog's food ration is already well balanced, you will have understood it: the green belly therefore has no interest in the dog's bowl.

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