Bergamo Shepherd Dog: Characteristics and Photos

Bergamo Shepherd: find out what this animal is like, its physical characteristics, character, behavior, etc. The Bergamo Shepherd is a medium sized dog with a rustic appearance...

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The Bergamo Shepherd is a medium-sized dog with a rustic appearance and long, abundant hair that forms its characteristic locks of hair. He has an exceptional character and is truly an excellent dog, both as a sheepdog and as a pet. If you are thinking of adopting a pet, you cannot miss this PlanetAnimal tab dealing with the Bergamo Shepherd, a pet which, contrary to what many might think, does not need special care for its fur. abundant because these wicks form naturally and it is enough just to wash it when you see that it really needs it.In addition, his peaceful and docile temperament makes him a pleasant dog both with children and with other pets.


  • Europe
  • Italy

FCI Nomenclature

  • Group I

Physical Characteristics

  • Rustic
  • Proportional


  • Average


  • 55-70

Adult Weight

  • 25-45

Life expectancy

  • 12-14

Recommended physical activity

  • High


  • Balanced
  • Smart
  • Quiet

Ideal for

  • Children
  • Apartment
  • Walking
  • Shepherd
  • The guard
  • Sports

Hair type

  • Long
  • Curly
  • Big

Origin of the Bergamo Shepherd

Since the Bergamo Shepherd is a very old breed, its origin is unknown. However, it is well known that the Bergamo Shepherd has always lived in the region of the Italian Alps and was found there in very large numbers in the valleys of Bergamo in Lombardy, from which it takes its name.

Although it is not a very popular breed worldwide, it is widespread throughout Europe and there are a few specimens in American countries.

Physical characteristics of the Bergamo Shepherd

The ideal height at the withers of males is 60 centimeters, while that of females is 56 centimeters. The weight of males is between 32 and 38 kilograms. The weight of females is between 26 and 32 kilograms. The body of this dog has a square profile, since the length from the shoulder to the buttocks is equal to the height at the withers. His chest is wide and deep, while his stomach is a little sunken.

The Bergamo Shepherd's head looks rather large, and the coat that covers it makes it look even larger. His eyes, large and dark brown, have a gentle, peaceful, and watchful expression, though they are not easy to see because of the profuse fur that covers his face. His ears are half-drooped and rounded. This dog's tail is thick and powerful at the base, but tapers towards the tip.

Its coat is abundant, long and its textures vary depending on where it is.In the front part of the trunk it is rough, similar to goat hair. On the head, his hair is less rough and falls until he covers his eyes. On the rest of the body, its hairs form locks. The coat can be gray with gray points of different shades and even black points. It can also be black, provided it is opaque. White spots are accepted when they do not exceed one-fifth of the total surface.

Character of the Bergamo Shepherd

These dogs are intelligent, attentive and patient. They have a stable temperament and a great capacity for concentration. They are therefore quite versatile and particularly excel in driving and tending to herds.

Bergamo Shepherds are peaceful dogs that generally do not show aggression. However, they are reserved with strangers, so they can be good watchdogs. They tend to get along with their humans and with children in general.They also get along well with other dogs and are quite good at socializing with other pets. Of course, to have a balanced Bergamo Shepherd, it is necessary to socialize it from an early age.

Usually these dogs do not develop behavioral issues as long as they have enough space to exercise and receive proper care. They can be excellent pets for families with children, but you should be careful that they are not roughed up or abused by young children. As with all dogs, it is not recommended that small children and dogs be left unattended.

Caring for the Bergamo Shepherd

Unlike other dog breeds, the Bergamo Shepherd Dog hardly needs hair care. Its tufts form naturally, although it is sometimes necessary to separate them manually.Just give him a bath when he's really dirty. Especially dogs that live outside should take baths very infrequently, only two or three times a year, to prevent the coat from losing its natural resistance. These dogs take a long time to dry off after bathing.

Bergamo Shepherds need a lot of exercise and are not apartment dogs. Ideally, they live on farms where they help herd. When living in a house, they need at least one long walk a day, as well as playtime. Dog sports can help channel the energies of these dogs, especially herding.

Education of the Bergamo Shepherd

Due to their high intelligence, Bergamo Shepherds respond well to dog training. They can be trained with different training techniques, but it must be taken into account that the optimum results are obtained when training these dogs to be herding dogs.Although they can be trained through traditional methods, training based on positive reinforcement will usually yield better results.

He alth of the Bergamo Shepherd

The Bergamo Shepherd tends to be he althy and there are no typical canine diseases of the breed. Of course, like any other dog, the Bergamo Shepherd can develop any existing canine disease. We must therefore provide them with the he alth care they need.

Pictures of Bergamo Shepherd

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