Korat cat: characteristics and photos

Korat: find out what this animal is like, its physical characteristics, character, behavior, etc. Ironically, one of the world's oldest races took centuries to...

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Ironically, one of the oldest races in the world took centuries to reach countries like the United States or European capitals. We are talking about Korats, cats originating from Thailand, where they are considered bringers of good fortune and luck. In this tab of PlanetAnimal, we will study these mysterious cats with penetrating eyes who promise to conquer the hearts of many people thanks to their character and their adorable appearance! Find out everything you need to know about the Korat!


  • Asia
  • Thailand

FIFe Rating

  • Category III

Physical Characteristics

  • Thick Tail
  • Big ears
  • Strong


  • Little

Average Weight

  • 3-5

Life expectancy

  • 15-18


  • Active
  • Affectionate
  • Smart
  • Curious


  • Temperate

Hair type

  • Short
  • Medium

Origin of Korat

Korat cats originated in the Thai province of Cao Nguyen Khorat, from where it got its strange name and where it is said that its color was the bluest. In Thailand, the existence of these cats has existed since before the 14th century, more precisely since the year 1350, since the manuscripts of that time already contained descriptions of cats of this breed.

" Curiously, the korat breed receives other names like Si-sawat or fortune cat because in Thai, this name would be literally translated as amulet that gives luck or color of prosperity."

On the other hand, and continuing with the story of the korat cat, it was not until the 19th century that the breed arrived in the West, because in the United States these cats arrived in 1959, a decade before their arrival in Europe. It is therefore a breed which, although it is very old, only became popular a few years ago.So much so that the breed was only recognized by the CFA in 1969 and by the FIFe in 1972.

Characteristics of Korat

Korats are medium to small sized cats, although there are quite small specimens, they are considered one of the 5 smallest cat breeds in the world. Their weight is usually between 3 and 4.5 kilograms, as females are slightly smaller than males.

The body of these felines is slender and graceful, but does not cease to be muscular and strong. Their backs are arched and their hind legs are a bit longer than their front legs. Their tail is of medium length and thickness, although thicker at the base than at the tip, which has a more rounded shape.

The sweet face of korat cats has a heart shape, with a thin chin and a wide flat forehead on which arched eyebrows stand out, so the whole set has this characteristic shape.Their eyes are particularly large and round, usually an intense green, which gives them a very attentive and special look, although there are also some with blue eyes. Their ears are large and of high insertion and their nose is developed but not pointed.

Undoubtedly, among the characteristics of the korat cat, the most particular is their coat, short or semi-long, varying slightly in length from one specimen to another, but all individuals have in common the color of the coat, since they present a coat of an intense blue-silver color, without spots or other colors.

Korat Care

Since it is a fairly strong cat and whose coat to be short does not require more than weekly brushing (with a brush made for that), the capital care your cat will need Korat will be those related to his diet (in good quantity and balanced), those related to exercise (so that he does not get stressed, he needs exercise), and those related to affection ( vital for all pets).In this sense, it is essential that you have adequate environmental enrichment, consisting of various toys, scratching posts of different heights and even shelves for him to rest on because cats love heights.

We must also pay attention to the state of their eyes, whether they have chassies or if they cry, we will also have to pay attention to their ears, which must be clean, their teeth and their mouth and they will have to brush their teeth regularly.

Character of Korat

Korats are very affectionate and quiet cats who enjoy the company of their guardians. Of course, they will need more conscientious socialization in cases where they will have to cohabit with children or other pets because they can sometimes be reluctant to share their home In this sense, it should be noted that training will be facilitated by the great intellectual capacities of these cats, capable of assimilating new teachings with surprising ease.

It adapts to life in different environments. So whether you live in an apartment in the city or in a rural house, the korat will be happy as long as all its needs are covered. In addition, this breed is famous for all the affection it gives as well as for its passion for games and the attention given to them. It should be noted that they particularly enjoy searching and tracking games.

You will always know if they are comfortable or having fun as these are very communicative cats visually and aurally, meowing to convey their feelings to their guardians. Therefore, the character of the Korat is distinguished by its transparency and its direct aspect.

Korat He alth

Although these are he althy cats with a long life (average of 16 years) this does not mean that they cannot suffer from various diseases. One of them is gangliosidosis which affects the neuromuscular system, although its onset is early and the diagnosis is usually made within the first months of life.

Except for this pathology, we won't have to worry about serious congenital diseases. We will have to pay attention to vaccines, dewormers and carry out frequent veterinary checks to assess the general state of he alth of the korat in order to keep it safe from diseases and infections of all types.

Photos of Korat

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