Zuchon or Shichon - Origin, Characteristics, Care and Education

Zuchon or Shichon: find out what this animal is like, its physical characteristics, character, behavior, etc. The curious breed of dog Zuchon or Shichon was born from the crossing...

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The curious breed of dog Zuchon or Shichon was born from the cross between a Bichon Frize and a Shih tzu. It is therefore a crossbreed dog that is gaining popularity every day for its incredible beauty and character. This dog stands out for being active, energetic, cuddly and very funny. In addition, he has other qualities that make him an excellent companion dog for allergy sufferers, as he is considered a hypoallergenic dog.

If you want to know all the characteristics of the Zuchon or Shichon, its possible he alth problems and the care it requires, we invite you to stay with us to find out everything about it!


  • America
  • United States

Physical Characteristics

  • Proportional


  • Little


  • 15-35

Adult Weight

  • 3-10

Life expectancy

  • 15-20

Recommended physical activity

  • Average


  • Strong
  • Society
  • Smart
  • Active
  • Affectionate

Ideal for

  • Children
  • Apartment
  • House
  • Elderly people
  • Allegric people

Recommended climate

  • Temperate

Hair type

  • Medium
  • Curly

Origin of Zuchon or Shichon

The Shichon receives names as different as they are varied, such as Zuchon, Curly Tzu or Teddy bear. Whatever you call it, the Zuchon or Shichon is a dog that arose from the crossing of two iconic breeds, the Bichon Frize and the Shih Tzu. In this way, the Shichon is a mixed breed dog, which was born in a controlled way during the last decades of the 20th century.

We do not know the place and the concrete place where the first Shichon puppies were born, but it is believed that they are the result of crosses made by an expert in the breeding of the two parent breeds.As it is a hybrid breed, it is not officially recognized by most cynological organizations, but it does have an official standard such as the American Hybrid Club (AHC).

Characteristics of Zuchon or Shichon

A Shichon is a small dog, and it has a height at the withers between 22 and 30 cm. Its average weight is between 4 and 10 kilos, the males being slightly more corpulent than the females. Their average life expectancy is around 16 years.

The Zuchon has a well-proportioned body, its tail is medium in size and it is covered in soft fur. Their eyes, round and coffee or dark brown in color, are incredibly expressive. On the other hand, their ears are located at half height in relation to its head, which is relatively wide. The latter have rounded tips and they fall slightly forward.

The coat of the Zuchons is medium long, rather short, with slight waves and it is characterized by the fact that it hardly sheds, which makes the Shichon a dog considered hypoallergenic.

Colors of Zuchon or Shichon

The coat of the Shichon is extremely varied, so it has different varieties of colors. The most common tones of this hybrid breed are: gray, black, brown, cream, white and all combinations of these colors.

The Zuchon or Shichon puppy

Zuchon puppies are generally quite small, although their size may vary depending on the parent breed whose genetics predominate for each of its descendants.

Whatever their size, these are very active and playful puppies, who spend hours and hours looking for new things to entertain themselves. However, yes, they also need to rest well so that their growth is going well and they can develop without any problems.

Character of Zuchon or Shichon

These little dogs have an extremely marked personality, so much so that it can even be contradictory with their very small size. The imposing character of a Shichon can even end up surprising, because, despite his small size, he really does not let himself be pushed around!

They are active dogs that store very large amounts of energy, which is why they are super nervous and very playful. That's why it's important to walk them and play with them every day. Generally speaking, they are intelligent, attentive and obedient dogs.

Also, they are extremely cuddly and affectionate and they won't hesitate for a second to cling to you to fulfill those needs. They adapt very well to life in families where there are young children and the elderly, it is still better that they live indoors, as they are not ready and adapted to live outdoors.

Caring for a Zuchon or Shichon

The Zuchon is not one of the most demanding breeds in terms of care. However, they are very demanding in terms of affection, they do not tolerate loneliness well and the lack of affection and companionship makes them extremely anxious.

As for their need for physical activity, they are high, so they will need to exercise daily in order to channel all that energy constructively. However, this physical activity does not need to be too vigorous, as, due to their small size, daily walks and games will more than do. Also, it is advisable to play intelligence or logic games which also keep them active and mentally stimulated.

On the other hand, regarding the care of the Zuchon we also find those relating to his coat. His coat requires some attention, such as frequent brushing, which should be done at least twice a week, but ideally every day. This is the only way for the Shichon to have a shiny, soft coat that is in good condition, free of dirt and tangles.

The Shichon's diet must be adjusted to its small size, because overfeeding will cause the animal to quickly gain weight, which can end up suffering from overweight or even obesity, with all the consequences that this entails in terms of his he alth.

Education of Zuchon or Shichon

As we said, the Shichon has a marked character, which is why it is necessary to educate it well. It is best to start training your Zuchon from an early age, as this is the only way he will be able to learn quickly.

The best is, as is the case for any other breed or crossbreed dog, to carry out a respectful training adapted to each specimen. In general, the most effective techniques are those based on positive training. Some recommendations to follow for the education of the Zuchon are:

  • The minimum duration of education sessions is 10 to 15 minutes. The maximum duration is 30 to 45 minutes.
  • The best thing is to start by teaching him basic commands and then start gradually increasing the difficulty.
  • Given its energy level, games are also a good way to train a Zuchon.

He alth of Zuchon or Shichon

As a hybrid breed, the Shichon has much more robust he alth than any of its purebred progenitors, as the genetic combinations resulting from the crossbreed generate a breed that ends up to be more disease resistant. However, some of the most common diseases in the Zuchon dog are those related to the circulatory system and, in particular, the heart. They may suffer from elevated intracardiac pressure as well as mitral valve damage, which leads to heart failure.

His joints can also be affected by various problems, such as patellar dislocation or patella dysplasia. In this case, the patella comes out of its hole, which hurts the animal extremely. In these serious cases, it will be necessary to operate.

Another of the diseases that can occur in Shichons is progressive retinal atrophy, a very common condition in older dogs. Retinal atrophy is an eye he alth problem that can lead to blindness.

In any case, the most advisable thing is to go to the veterinarian so that he puts in place a preventive medicine plan in order to be able to detect in time the appearance of any symptom or anomaly.

Where to adopt a Zuchon or Shichon?

Adopting a Shichon can be a really complex task, especially if you don't live in the United States where its popularity has made it a relatively easy-to-find hybrid breed. Nevertheless, in Europe, and more specifically in France, finding a Zuchon can prove to be rather difficult. But that does not mean that it is impossible, in fact many specimens are adopted at the SPA. That's why the most recommended way to adopt a Shichon is to contact the shelter closest to you and ask them if they have a Zuchon for adoption. Also remember that adopting a dog allows you to fight the trade of being alive.

Before adopting a Shichon you must take into account its specific needs, as are the company and its enormous amount of energy. Only adopt if you are sure you can give her a good life.

Photos of Zuchon or Shichon

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