Topology dog ​​bed by Omlet: test and opinion

Topology is an elegant standing dog bed with a memory foam mattress. Discover our opinion on this product.

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Topology, a high-end dog bed

A 100% customizable bed

Topology is a bed for your pet with interchangeable legs and mattresses to match both your pet's preferences and your own tastes in terms of interior decoration.

By opting for a Topology bed, you can design your dog's bed design from A to Z by choosing from 7 styles of legs and 5 types of mattress toppers to create the ideal configuration for you and your pet .

The base of the Topology bed is made up of a gray mattress on which a mattress topper can be zipped and elegant feet can be screwed on, in a choice of wood or metal.There are 3 sizes of beds Small, Medium or Large to adapt to the size of all dogs. The Small and Medium sizes can even fit in the Fido Nook or Fido Studio indoor niches.

For Tartine, we opted for the Large size bed ( although the Medium size can perfectly suit a Beagle) and a bolster mattress topper which gives the appearance of a real dog sofa in bed Topology.

A desire for change? Just swap the bolster mattress topper for the pouf mattress topper. Just as comfortable and cosy, it brings pep to the decor with its bright color, a mustard yellow that's right on trend! Our recommendation, to use the Topology bed to the maximum of its possibilities, is to opt for 2 mattress toppers so that you always have a mattress topper on hand to install on the bed when your favorite mattress topper is in the machine.

For the legs, we opted for square legs in light wood, but there are 6 other types to give your Topology bed a totally different look. The Medium and Large size beds have a central support leg. Visit the brand's website to design your own Topology.

Quality materials

The Topology bed is not only beautiful, it is also ultra-comfortable for your pet. The choice of materials makes it indeed a high-end bed on many levels, similar to what you can find in bedding stores for human beings.

Topology is made of a dense memory foam mattress that provides excellent support for your pet's back and relieves pressure on their joints. While it is suitable for all dogs, it is ideal for older dogs with joint pain related or not to osteoarthritis or for large breed dogs more likely to suffer from joint problems.

Similarly, the legs of the bed do not only play an aesthetic role. They are also useful in isolating your dog's bedding from the coolness and humidity of the ground by allowing the circulation of air under it. Of course, the feet are equipped with non-slip soles which guarantee excellent stability of the bed. And, if you have decided to do without feet, the underside of the Topology bed cover is also non-slip so that you can put it on the floor without risk of slipping.

Finally, the textiles selected by the brand are of excellent quality in order to resist wear, fangs and claws.

Appreciate the neat finishes of the Topology bed for which even the zippers are elegantly concealed. Attention to detail right down to your pet's bed! A guarantee of quality, certainly!

Guaranteed hygiene

The Omlet brand definitely thinks of everything and even maintaining the hygiene of your dog's bed.

All the elements of the Topology bed, from the mattress to the mattress topper, are completely removable so that they can be machine washed, enough to keep your dog's bed always clean and without bad smells.

And, icing on the cake: the memory foam mattress is protected by a waterproof lining to protect it from small accidents such as uncontrolled peeing, in very young dogs or dogs very old, or returning from rainy walks.

Our opinion:

Already convinced by the interior niches of the Omlet brand that we had the chance to test, we were just as convinced by the Topology bed.We love the design of this dog bed which will find its place in all styles of interior, its robustness and the ingenuity of its hygienic design. We also appreciate its ease of assembly: just screw on the legs and zip up the mattress topper to install it in your living room in less time than it takes to say. Our dog Tartine adopted it without complaining and even abandoned our sofa in favor of her new Topology bed.

Where to buy the Topology bed?

The Topology bed is exclusively for sale on the Omlet online store. A small design tool that is very intuitive and very easy to use allows you to choose the mattress topper and the legs that will make up the bed of your choice.

Good deal

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Omlet, the brand that thinks of everything

Omlet is a British brand that designs a host of smart, beautiful and comfortable accessories for all pets whether dogs, cats but also hamsters, birds, guinea pigs including chickens and bees.Visit the brand's website to discover in more detail all the versions of the Topology bed as well as all their other products.

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