Anti-stress vest for dogs: principle and use

What is a dog stress vest? In which cases to use it and how? Where to find it at what price?

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What is a dog stress vest?

An anti-stress vest for dogs is a kind of slightly compressive coat designed in stretch lycra to calm anxious or fearful dogs.

These special dog clothes exert gentle, constant pressure on the pet's back and chest and are said to have a calming effect similar to swaddling a crying infant or hugging a sleeping person. distress.

The pressure exerted by the anti-stress vest would cause a release of soothing hormones such as endorphins.

Do dog stress vests really work?

Although there is little scientific data confirming the effectiveness of anti-stress vests on dogs, many owners testify to a real effect on their animal. They often notice a decrease in manifestations of anxiety and manifestations of fear in the face of anxiety-provoking stimuli when their dog wears a vest. The dog then seems less agitated and calmer.

However, the behavior of these dogs should not be misinterpreted. A dog wearing this type of vest may seem calm and quiet on the surface, but because he feels so inhibited by wearing the vest that he does not dare to move. In appearance, the dog seems calm while he still feels so much stress and fear in his heart of hearts.

How to tell the difference between an inhibited behavior or a relaxing effect? It is possible to "do a test" by having your dog wear the vest periodically for pleasant periods when he does not feel any stress.If your dog maintains a normal behavior, it means that the vest does not cause inhibition and you can test it during an anxiety-provoking period to see if it has a soothing effect on your animal.


It goes without saying that wearing the anti-stress vest should not be the only response to a dog's stress or fear of a stressful event. It is important to precisely identify the causes of this stress and to set up behavioral therapy with the help of a canine behavior specialist. The anti-stress vest can, however, be a great help in the implementation of this therapy.

When and how to use a dog stress vest?

The anti-stress vest can be used in various circumstances and in particular in case of:

  • for fear of the storm,
  • for fear of noises such as fireworks or firecrackers,
  • restlessness during a car trip,
  • anxiety related to the context of separation,
  • visit to the vet,
  • etc.

It is important to get the dog used to his anti-stress vest by making him wear it periodically during pleasant moments. In this way, the dog will not always associate the vest with unpleasant events and will therefore tolerate it better. Continuous wearing can decrease their effectiveness, which is why anti-anxiety vests work best when worn before a stressful event for your dog and removed afterwards.

Where to buy it? And how much does it cost?

Among the brands of anti-stress vests, we find for example ThunderShirt (the most widespread in France), The Original Anxiety Wrap or even Calm Coat.

They are on sale in some pet stores, some canine behavior specialists and in many online pet stores.

Prices vary depending on the size, the model chosen and the seller, but they are generally within a price range that varies from 40 to 50€.

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