Can my dog ​​eat pasta?

Is pasta good for dogs? What kinds of pasta to give him, in which cases and what precautions to take?

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Pasta, high-starch starches

“Classic” pasta is made from wheat flour or fine durum wheat semolina, a little s alt, water and sometimes eggs. They are therefore starches composed mainly of complex carbohydrates (the old "slow sugars" ) among which starch tops the list.

Starch is relatively well digested by the majority of dogs, with the exception of dogs of Nordic breeds, on the only conditions that it is not provided in too large quantities in the ration and that it is well dissolved by fairly thorough cooking.

You will then understand that dogs can therefore eat pasta on condition that it is not made in too large quantities in their diet and that it is very well cooked! No “all dente” pasta for your pooch!

Pasta or spoiled for choice

There are now, in addition to traditional wheat pasta, gluten-free "new generations of pasta" made from other cereals (rice, corn, spelled, quinoa) or legumes (lentils, chickpeas ). The first ones made from cereals can be given to the dog, respecting the same precautions as wheat pasta. As for pasta with legumes, they must be given with even more parsimony because they can cause digestive intolerances in the animal when they are present in too large quantities in its ration.

What dogs can I give pasta to?

You can totally give pasta to a dog fed with a "homemade" bowl. Pasta can then constitute the source of complex carbohydrates in a household ration, in the same way as rice.

On the other hand, they should be avoided if your dog:

  • is fed with kibble or industrial food. His whole foods already provide him with enough starch and calories.
  • if it usually does not digest starch well, this is particularly the case with Nordic breed dogs.

Pasta for my dog, in what form?

If you opt for pasta as a source of starch for your dog fed with a household ration, you must take the precaution of cooking it very well before giving it to your animal. In this form, the starch they contain will be perfectly well dissolved and much more digestible for your dog. Count twice the cooking time recommended on the package!

White pasta or wholemeal pasta?

It is possible to give your dog whole pasta. The latter contain wheat bran and provide more fiber in the ration than classic white pasta.Nevertheless, some dogs may be sensitive to them and tolerate them less well digestively or sulk them in the bowl because they are less palatable. To find out if your dog tolerates them well, they must be introduced very gradually into his bowl, first mixing them with well-cooked white pasta or rice and gradually increasing their proportion if all goes well on the side of the your pet's excrement.

How much pasta should I give my dog?

The amount of pasta to give your dog as part of a homemade diet depends on your dog's needs. In any case, it should always be less than the amount of meat/fish/egg received by your dog.

To calculate these quantities, we invite you to contact your veterinarian or read our article en titled "calculate a household ration for your dog" .

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