Can you give green beans to a dog?

Green beans can be found in your dog's bowl, but do you know in what form and in what quantity?

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Green beans, for which dogs?

Green beans are vegetables rich in fiber and sources of magnesium, iron, manganese and vitamins B2,B9, C and K.

They can completely constitute the share of vegetables necessary for a dog fed with a household ration. Thanks to the fibers they contain, green beans will then ensure optimal digestive comfort and good transit, with well-formed stools. In dogs fed with a home-made food, green beans are to be preferred rather in growing dogs, in thin animals and / or with a weak appetite, in very large dogs, in sick animals or in females. pregnant or breastfeeding.These vegetables are indeed moderately caloric and allow not to increase the volume of the ration too much, unlike vegetables richer in water such as zucchini.

We can also distribute green beans in addition to kibble in dogs that are difficult to satisfy and in whom we need to limit caloric intake (overweight dogs that have been put on a "diet" , dog breeds with reduced energy needs, very sedentary dogs, sterilized dogs etc.).

Green beans in what form?

It is possible to give your dog fresh, frozen or canned green beans. The most important thing is that they are well cooked. Raw worm beans contain phytohaemagglutinin which is toxic to dogs but the quantity of which is greatly reduced by sufficient cooking in boiling water.

When you cook green beans for your pet, take the trouble to cook these vegetables for a long time in boiling water or steam, until the beans are no longer crunchy and they can be mashed with a fork.In addition to making the green bean suitable for consumption by the dog, cooking breaks the bonds between the fibers and makes the content of the plant cells more accessible to the dog's digestion.

Serve the worm beans to your dog well cooked then previously cooled and crushed with a fork.

How many green beans for my dog?

If green beans are the vegetable part of your dog's household ration, the quantity to distribute to him will depend in particular on his energy needs, which must be calculated precisely with the help of your veterinarian. Our article en titled "calculate a household ration for your dog" can nevertheless give you an idea of the quantity that would be necessary for him.

This quantity can also be adjusted according to your pet's appetite. It generally varies between 10 and 25g of vegetables per kg of body weight.

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