5 tips to protect your dog from the heat in summer

Here are 5 tips to cool your dog and protect him from the heat in summer to avoid heat stroke and dehydration.

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Bring freshness to your dog

The first thing to do to protect your dog from the heat is to cool it down. For this, the best solution is to lower its body temperature by wetting its paws and belly with cool water (but not too cold) using a washcloth.

Using ice water can cause thermal shock which could constrict the dog's blood vessels and ultimately interfere with the decrease in body temperature.

There are also cooling vests specially designed for dogs.Once put on, a vest protects the dog from the heat for several hours. The luckiest dogs will be able to enjoy a swimming pool or a small pool installed in their owner's garden!

Install Cool Zone

During the hot weather, the dog will seek freshness. To protect it, it is advisable to arrange a cool and ventilated room in the house at night. If this room is tiled and/or air-conditioned, even better! The dog will be able to protect itself from the heat. The presence of a fan in this room can also be an advantage.

In the absence of tiled floors, it is possible to invest in a refreshing mat for your dog where he will enjoy lying down.

Watch him

To protect your dog from the heat, it is essential to recognize the symptoms of heatstroke. This allows you to react in time and thus avoid the worst.If the dog begins to have difficulty breathing or begins to pant, it means that it can no longer withstand the high temperature and strategies should be implemented to cool it down further.

Keep your water fresh

Like the cooling vest, there are accessories that can cope with high heat and protect dogs. This is, for example, an electric water fountain that keeps water he althy and at a cool temperature or even a ceramic bowl that keeps the water cool.

Pay attention to your diet

If there is one food that refreshes you during the summer, it's ice cream. Dogs are eligible too! It is very simple to make dog ice cream from natural yogurt or meat broth. The dog will appreciate their freshness.

It is also very important to monitor the dog's diet or even modify its diet.During hot weather, choose foods that contain a lot of water. His usual croquettes can thus be hydrated by adding water.

Last tip: the dog's water bowl must be constantly full during the summer to avoid dehydration. It is therefore interesting to have several bowls of water in the house and to encourage the dog to drink.

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