Can my dog ​​eat semolina?

Can you give semolina to a dog? How much to give and what precautions to take?

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Semolina, a source of starch for dogs

Like potatoes, pasta or rice, semolina is part of the large family of starchy foods. In this, it must be understood that it is mainly composed of complex carbohydrates, these carbohydrates that were once called "slow sugars" .

Among these complex carbohydrates, semolina mainly provides the dog with starch.

If starch is a vector of energy for the dog, it can nevertheless be poorly digested by the latter if it is brought in too large quantities in its food ration.

To which dogs can you give semolina?

It is possible to give semolina to dogs fed with a classic household ration. The semolina then makes it possible to supplement the energy intake of meat, vegetables and fats which must constitute a balanced household ration. In addition to assimilable carbohydrates, it also provides some dietary fiber that will optimize the dog's digestive comfort.

On the other hand, semolina is not recommended for dogs fed with kibble or complete industrial food. These foods already contain starch, so adding another source of starch such as semolina to their ration could well cause them some digestive disorders such as flatulence or diarrhea. Dogs, with the exception of Nordic dogs, are indeed able to digest starch well if the quantities of starch ingested do not exceed their digestive capacities.

What precautions should be taken before giving semolina to a dog?

If you want to give semolina to your dog, you will have to cook it very long beforehand in order to dissolve the starch it contains. Only then will your dog be able to digest it well.

Also make sure to soak the semolina well before feeding it to your pet or even mixing it. If it is too dry, it may cause your pet to go wrong, especially if it tends to be voracious.

For the same reason, also avoid giving semolina to a dog with swallowing problems, especially dogs with megaesophagus.

How much semolina to give a dog?

The amount of semolina to give a dog as a source of starch for a household ration depends on your dog's specific needs. Always lower than the quantities of meat or fish that the dog needs, the quantity of semolina must be calculated precisely with the support of your veterinarian, taking into account the characteristics of your animal.While waiting for the consultation, our article en titled Calculate a household ration for your dog can give you an idea of the quantities to be expected.

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