My dog ​​ate a bag of silica gel

Has your dog swallowed one of his little moisture-absorbing sachets? Should you be worried? And what to do if necessary?

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My dog swallowed silica gel: is it serious?

Silica gel usually comes in the form of small paper sachets that can be found in various products or accessories such as leather goods (bags, shoes), electronic devices or sometimes even in sachets of dog treats. These little sachets are actually moisture absorbers made of silica gel. Their role is to absorb moisture to prevent products from getting damaged, dirty or softened.

Silica gel is not strictly speaking poisonous in dogs, although its ingestion can sometimes cause some digestive disorders, very often not serious.

Not to be confused

Silica gel sachets should not be confused with oxygen absorber sachets made of iron oxide, which sometimes look very similar. Oxygen absorbers are mainly found in packaged foodstuffs. Unlike moisture absorbers, oxygen absorbers are toxic to dogs.

What are the risks?

Sometimes dogs swallow just about anything and everything, including things that aren't edible or digestible. As these small sachets of silica gel are found everywhere, it is therefore common for dogs to ingest them or shred them, swallowing the contents of the sachet as they pass.

The contents of the sachet, composed of silica gel or silicon dioxide, are not toxic to dogs despite the warnings indicated on the sachet.

However, it happens that ingestion of silica gel can sometimes lead to irritation of the digestive tract and cause abdominal pain as well as vomiting, generally not serious, in dogs.

If your dog has swallowed several sachets of silica gel or if it is a small dog, there may also be a "mechanical" risk of obstruction of its digestive system or of suffocation.

What to do if your dog has swallowed silica gel?

If your dog has absorbed silica gel, there is a good chance that the product will be eliminated by natural means without which it will not cause any symptoms in your dog. Make sure, however, that it is indeed silica gel and not a sachet of another nature.

On the other hand, it is necessary to contact your veterinarian very quickly if your dog starts coughing or has difficulty breathing normally after ingesting silica gel.Also pay attention to the appearance of digestive disorders in your dog which may require the administration of a gastric bandage by your veterinarian.

Any change in your dog's transit should also make you consult a veterinarian as soon as possible.

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