Can my dog ​​drink the pool water?

Some dogs particularly enjoy drinking pool water. But is it really safe for them?

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Pool water, undrinkable water

Most swimming pool water contains chlorine which, if ingested by the dog frequently and/or significantly, can cause significant digestive disorders, dehydration or even intoxication.

For these reasons, it is therefore strictly inadvisable to let a dog drink water from the swimming pool. So remember to install a bowl of tap water near it and change it regularly to encourage your dog to drink there rather than in the pool basin.

Nevertheless, rest assured! If your dog has only had a few sips of pool water, this shouldn't be a problem.

If your dog bathes in your pool, also make sure that he does not swallow too much water while swimming or playing in the water. Not only can this cause digestive problems, but large amounts of water could also cause stomach torsion-distension syndrome. The excess water drunk would then cause the stomach to swell, which could then close in on itself by rotating. This syndrome constitutes a surgical emergency for the dog and jeopardizes its vital prognosis!

To avoid this, it is best to stop swimming if you notice that your dog is ingesting large amounts of water. The risk of stomach dilation-torsion exists in all dogs but is more common in large dogs.

Other dangers of swimming pool water for dogs

Chlorine and other chemicals used to sanitize swimming pool water can also be irritating to dogs' skin and mucous membranes when swimming.It will therefore be necessary to rinse your dog's coat carefully with clear water from the shower after each swim. Also remember to rinse his eyes and the inside of his ears with eye and ear solutions suitable for dogs. Physiological serum can also do the trick to prevent the occurrence of conjunctivitis and ear infections.

Of course, the water in your pool is also a significant risk of drowning for your dog. It is therefore important not to let your dog bathe unsupervised because not all dogs are excellent swimmers and your dog may find it difficult to get out of the pool alone. In your absence, always protect access to your swimming pool with a safety barrier. We never know ! Your dog might be tempted to take a dip while escaping your supervision.

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